Other Services

Need a Home Construction Management Firm to Oversee Your Next Residential Project?

As custom home builders and renovation specialists, Home Design Construction has over ten years of experience handling every aspect and phase of the construction process. We’ve completed countless homes throughout East Texas, including Lufkin, Conroe, Nacogdoches, Huntsville, Jacksonville, Crockett, Diboll, Huntington, and beyond. From collaborative drafting and design to quality craftsmanship and construction, our team prides itself on the satisfaction of our clients and strives to building even more long-term client relationships in the future.

From exterior roofing and outdoor patios to interior additions, drywall installation, and beyond, Home Design Construction provides our clients with everything their project needs, at the same consistent level of quality. Our safety-minded teams work with speed and efficiency, ensuring your project is completed on time so you can return to the comfort of your home as quickly as possible. We also offer extensive custom home finishing services such as custom fencing, swimming pool, hot tub, and whirlpool installations, landscaping and hardscaping, and more.

If you have any questions regarding our residential construction or home design services, we invite you to contact us at 936-225-2813 today.